Customer Success

Is your SaaS annual churn rate over between 5-7%?  One third of SaaS providers have an unacceptable churn rate in excess of 10%.

You’ve taken the time to build a solid SaaS clinical product and have had great success with initial sales – but your renewal rates are falling and NPS scores are terrible.  How do you build a program that will enhance your customer’s success in using and recognizing the value of your product? 


We can help you with that. 

Whether the right customer success model for you is high-touch or low-touch depends on quite a few factors.  And those are just two of 9 potential models.  Factors like your customer size and complexity along with your product footprint and ease of use all contribute to defining the program that is right for your product and company.  We will help your team to assess the customer success model and then build the program for sustained success.


Clinical Product Design

Do you have a clinical software product that suffers from a poor user engagement?

Or, do you have a product idea focusing on health care, have starting market testing, hired some developers and are getting ready to line up an alpha client, only to realize you don’t have any clinicians helping ensure your product makes clinical sense.

Or, maybe you’ve started exploring the idea of commercializing a clinical product based on your organizations’ workflows, adopted solutions or unique clinical problem solving, but you need help to bring this to market.

Fidelis Frateri provides over two decades of experience in building, selling, implementing and supporting clinical applications with a proven track record of success.  Let us help you with your clinical product design and delivery.


Personal Advocacy

Has a loved one recently experienced a medical crisis?  A new diagnosis of cancer or suffering multiple injuries in an accident often results in a family’s world being turned upside down. New words, scary diagnoses, test and procedures, new doctors that rush in and rush out the room leaving more questions than answers all point to a need for a competent and experienced advocacy.       


This service from Fidelis Frateri is very different.  This service is personal.  Jeff Frater was led into nursing by a family member’s health crisis and over the past 25 years built a passion for helping people in their most vulnerable state: when in a medical crisis to sort through the information and put together a clear and understood plan.  Jeff doesn’t work for the hospital or the health insurance plan – Jeff works for the patient and their family.                                 


Do you need a medical advocate?  Are any of the following true:

  • I have a new diagnosis that is scaring me and I don’t understand it – I talked to my doctor and that didn’t help.

  • They are telling me I need to take action right away (surgery or test) but I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do.

  • I don’t know what any of this is going to cost me.

  • I’ve been getting statements and bills and I don’t know what any of it means.

  • They are telling me we need to move mom out of the hospital tomorrow, but we don’t know if she’s ready or where to go.

  • I have four different case workers telling me what to do and I’m not sure who to trust.

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