Fidelis Frateri provides reliable and informed consulting. This includes helping solution providers create strong customer success teams and processing and optimizing products including clinical, and medical learning tools. Personal consultations for medical crises are available for individuals and their families.

Jeff Frater
Founder and Consultant

Jeff is a clinical executive with an emphasis on health I.T. solutions including, product sales, marketing, design, and operational support.  Having expertise leading organizations in defining clinical strategy ensuring organizational and product alignment with strong support of Customer Success. He excels at cross functional team leadership resulting in product conception, development through

implementation and improvement.

His career began in 1994 as a bedside, registered nurse. He has since held positions in Medical Case Management, as well as executive roles overseeing medical software development and design. In these roles he helped his team optimize medical software for use in hospitals and private practice offices. He also served on the board of directors and a year long term as president of the Case Management Society of America (CMSA). CMSA is the most influential and largest organization for those supporting case and care management professionals. He is also involved with volunteer organizations such as SNAP, a community organization, where he is an ambassador for Ride-to-Care, a grant funded program facilitating transition from EMS to urgent care for low income

community members.

Jeff is a passionate and decisive team leader. His leadership style is that of guiding his team and helping them learn as opposed to dictating orders. Caring and compassionate, he hopes to help medical professionals improve and advance medical tools including but not limited to software and medicals journals, as well as to help creators know their products and know how the product will be best used. He also helps individuals with medical advice and create plans to successfully navigate complex medical situations.

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