Driving Customer Success With
Clinical Products
Customer Success


Providing insights, measuring outcomes and transforming your customer experience clinical subscription service.

Clinical Product Design


Driving to the perfect balance of user needs and organizational objectives.

Personal Advocacy

Helping individuals facing health crisis needing balanced guidance and passionate advocacy.


Fidelis Frateri brings unique insight into improving customer success and retention and enhancing clinical product design. Extensive experience ranging from bedside nurse, clinical case management, managed care and population health, design sprint methodology and agile product development to account management, sales and marketing all with executive team leadership combine to help organizations achieve meaningful improvements.


In addition to professional consultation, Fidelis Frateri offers a much needed personal service to individuals and families experiencing a medical crisis. Jeff’s personal and professional experiences have melded to yield a passion and a knack for helping when there is great confusion and fear in complex health care situations. The first call is always free. Don’t suffer needlessly.


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